Welcome to the homepage of our commercial center in the North Road 22, germany -09603-Siebenlehn -

Nossen interchange - exit Siebenlehn.


In our business center you can find more working together in harmony and companies from various industries. Through the good and relatively direct access to the motorway at junction Nossen, these companies are characterized by fair prices and fast availability of the customer. Take advantage of this know-how, these benefits for themselves, for your success!

 our prime location here in Saxony.

our companies based here - your reliable partner:


-Interior and Exterior plaster
-EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system)
-Renovation of old buildings (façade renovation)
-Painting and decorating as part of the interior and -exterior plastering
-Scaffold rental

Welcome to your personal financial advisor.
Experienced, competent and personally answer your questions on the subject of money.

Welcome to your specialist for Hungarian products.
Reliable, fast and at good prices, we supply wholesalers and retailers with Hungarian products has now been over 10 years.

Flat roof waterproofing,

Flat roof insulation,

Telefon +4935244185577 - +491737858926


Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. Henry Ford

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